About Maine HSDO

Maine Hunting and Sporting Dog Owners (Maine HSDO) is a grassroots initiative formed in October 2008 by John and Ann Short. Locally, Maine HSDO follows and monitors legislation on behalf of Maine sportsmen and women, farmers, animal owners, breeders, multiple dog owners concerning the animal rights movement, a movement that is taking away the right to hunt, fish, own and breed animals. This blog is most active during the legislative session when we post public hearings and work sessions schedules and offer resources on how to contact legislators and prepare testimony. John and Ann most closely follow legislation effecting hunting and sporting dog owners, trainers, and breeders. John remains in touch with Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on various issues. Ann serves on the Maine Animal Welfare Advisory Committee on behalf of municipal kennel owners (multiple dog owners. Together, they work closely with other likeminded groups and individuals that promote reasonable animal welfare laws. All animal abuse, cruelty and neglect should be eliminated yet there are many people who do not understand the difference between animal rights and animal welfare. Maine HSDO also frequently posts information from other sources around the country that are relative to these issues. Comments are welcome and we invite guest commentaries.