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As a core mission of its anti-animal use agenda, HSUS wants to end all hunting. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle has made thisposition crystal clear many times and has stated: “There should be no confusion. We are an anti-cruelty organization, and hunting is, plain and simple, a cruel practice.” To achieve their goal, HSUS needs to sell emotional images to the public that portray hunting as cruel, hunters as heartless, and hunting with hounds as especially gruesome. Unfortunately, their target audience often has no knowledge of either hunting or wildlife management and does not have the ability to fact check the HSUS propaganda in order to learn the truth.


MYTH: Hound hunting involves using packs of dogs to chase bears, bobcats or cougars to exhaustion so they can be shot while they are helpless to escape. The hounds relentlessly pursue the animal, mauling and killing cubs and kittens that get in the way.

MYTH: Young bears or cats are much more likely to tree quickly than a mature animal. Ethical hunters leave young animals as killing them would quickly thin out hunting populations. By respecting regulations, season limits, and paying license fees and federal excise taxes ethical hunters are the primary source of conservation funding to benefit all wildlife, hunted and nonhunted.

MYTH: Hunting dogs are neglected and abused; and receive no exercise or attention when they are not hunting .

HOUND HUNTING FACT: Not only are these statements absurd they are not even logical. HSUS would have the reader believe that neglected, abused, underfed, ignored hounds also have the stamina to chase prey for hours on end. HSUS contradicts itself claiming dogs receive no attention and also that they are trained year-round in order to instill “bloodlust”. Ethical houndsmen understand that a dog must be well conditioned to stay in the field all day. All ethical hound owners have a strong bond with their dogs. They devote years developing bloodlines and are a team with the hounds.

MYTH: Hunters teach “bloodlust” to hunting dogs by allowing them to tear up bear cubs and cougar kittens.

HOUND HUNTING FACT: This fabrication is intended to portray hunters as savage lawbreakers. It is  also the goal of HSUS to have the image of hunters be synonymous with dog fighters. To quote Pacelle, “Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting. Our opponents say that hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.” Hunting dogs are viewed as hunting equipment rather than members of the family. Hunting dogs live in pens or are tethered outside.

The HSUS statement is typical of the animal rights line of attack targeting an audience who perceive dogs as little people in fur suits. Dogs work – not all dogs sleep on the couch and ride in grocery carts thru stores. Working dogs used to hunt are well conditioned athletes bred for endurance. Living outside is normal for them just as it is for livestock guardian dogs that live outside with the livestock they protect. Properly tethering hounds is a humane and effective method for keeping them.

MYTH: Dogs’ collars are fitted with radio transmitters so that the hunter doesn’t have to do the work of finding the prey

HOUND HUNTING FACT: Nothing could be further from the truth. The GPS tracking collars are an expensive investment to enable hunters to locate dogs in case the dogs get too far away. The tracking collars help keep the dogs safe and ensure their return home at the end of the day.

MYTH: In the frenzy of the hunt, dogs are difficult to control. When hounds chase bears or cougars, they may run as far as 20 miles cross property lines, and harass other wildlife and livestock. Hound hunting is also a favorite tool for poachers because it is a highly efficient hunting method.

HOUND HUNTING FACT: These rambling accusations from the HSUS fact sheet heading “Hound Hunting and Crime” are baseless claims. In one breath HSUS claims the dogs are frenzied and out of control, then while trying to make the next point claim hound hunting is highly efficient. Not only are the HSUS arguments inconsistent, but they intentionally ignore the reality that hunters use many breeds of dogs on a variety of wild game animals. Instead HSUS prefers to focus on game animals with high emotional appeal, such as bears and cougars, which many in the HSUS targeted audience would believe are facing extinction. The HSUS sees hunting with dogs as an emotional diving board. It would be easy to transition to hunting quail or ducks if they gain traction in hunting with hounds.

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