LIVERMORE FALLS MAINE: Have you seen this Brittany puppy?

“CAMO” is MISSING- Last Seen in Livermore Falls, ME

January 13, 2013 “CAMO” is a friendly 6 month old, 27 lb., Female Puppy missing from Livermore Falls, ME, last seen on Rte 133. & Rte. 106. CAMO is orange & white wearing a pink camouflage collar. She has a 2 inch incision near her belly-button where she had a hernia surgery. If you have any information or wish to help her family bring CAMO home, CALL: (207)-320-0589 or (207)-897-5104. (dv)

The family is heartbroken and actively seeking for the return of their puppy, hoping that she is safe and sound perhaps taken in by well meaning individuals who do not realize there is a massive search underway for her.  Please spread the word about this little puppy and if you’re in the area, keep an eye out. Thanks, Ann