Facebook Posts Help Reunite Missing Dog!

We see them all the time. Missing dog photos posted and shared on the Facebook social network. We read them, look at the dog and very often pass them along.   Sometimes we never hear the rest of the story.  Other times we do.

I was first made aware of this missing dog via a notice that had been posted on Craigs List. Shortly afterwards a photo with specific information was then circulated extensively throughout Facebook via a variety of sources.  I posted it a couple of different ways myself and shared it as well.

According to this most recent information shared on the social network “Riley” will be reunited with her owner soon:

REUNION PENDING 10-2-12…A great story via Riley’s Mom: “RILEY HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!!!Sunday around 10 AM a trooper pulled over on 89 North because there was a car from NY pulled over and the driver was not nearby. He ran the plates and then found the woman in the median trying to catch a dog who had been eating a dead turkey on the side of the interstate. Apparently the dog had almost gotten hit a few times and she wanted to help. The trooper advised the woman to take exit 19 and drop the dog off at the shelter or a vet and gave her the addresses of two places. This morning, thanks to everyone’s efforts to get Riley’s info out there, the trooper who had stopped on Sunday saw Riley’s picture and recognized her as the dog on the interstate Sunday morning!! Since he had run the plates on the car, he knew who the woman was and contacted the NY State Police and got a trooper there to bring a copy of the flyer to the woman’s house in Chazy to see where she had brought Riley. Both the shelter and the vet were closed on Sunday, so the woman had brought Riley home and still had her! Thanks to the trooper, I’ve been put in touch with the woman (Amy) who has Riley, and have made arrangements to get her back. Amy was bringing Riley to her local shelter this afternoon to be scanned to see if she had a chip, but the trooper got there with Riley’s info first. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for all of your help. If you hadn’t all been so willing to help spread the word, Riley and I would not have been reconnected. Thank you!!!”


And I think this is awesome, don’t you?