Legislative Radar

‘Tis the season to begin a new legislative tracking log to monitor and follow items on behalf of hunting and sporting dog owners, hunters, dog owners, breeders and other interested parties.  The process began last month as bits and pieces of information about possible new laws were gleaned from a variety of sources.  Now things begin to take shape more fully as the first list of Legislative Requests (LRs) was just released publically on October 18th.  (See http://www.maine.gov/legis/ .)

An LR number is assigned by the Revisor of Statutes when a request for a Bill is made.  LR numbers are used to track a bill until it is printed as a Legislative Document (assigned an LD number). These are the current LR titles which we are interested in following and will be learning more about:

 An Act to Amend Certain Provisions of the Fish & Wildlife Laws (Department bill)

An Act to Strengthen the Relationship Between Land Users and Landowners

An Act to Increase the Pheasant Hunting Fee

An Act to Protect Blueberry Lands from Damage from Dog Training

An Act To Maintain a Safe Workplace (Re: Concealed Weapons)

An Act To Strengthen the Integrity of Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permits

Act To Amend the Law Relating to Concealed Firearms Locked in Vehicles

An Act to Strengthen the Laws Regarding Dangerous Dogs (Breed Specific Legislation)

To list them here is not to indicate our support or opposition in any way.  We are interested in learning more about these bills, proposed during an emergency session, and will provide future updates. 

NOTE: The archives (older posts) reveal information in regards to our prior interests over the past few years and will eventually be listed on the sidebar to the right for ease of use.