Mainers Giving Back to Veterans who Enjoy Hunting

Certain subject lines with key words catch my eye as I daily peruse multiple email messages of particular interest to Maine Hunting & Sporting Dog Owners. This is the subject line and excerpt of such a message received today with highlighted key words:

“Group offers hunting trips to veterans…”  The hunting expeditions Tuesday and today also brought together a large number of hunting dogs, including some from the Maine Spaniel Field Trial Club.”

I followed the links to the orginal article (posted below) and was deeply moved to discover the Pine Grove Program run by Bob & Andrea Howe.  The mission of this Maine program is “to provide FREE outdoor experiences to servicemembers, Veterans, Goldstar families, and responders to man-made and natural disasters such as 9/11 and others.  We will offer group events as well as private trips, to utilize the naturally therapeutic benefits of the wilderness.”   Today (October 19th)  Veterans, provided with guides, trained dogs, meals will hunt grouse, woodcock, partridge, and rabbit in Somerset county as part of day two of the second annual Tribute Hunt.  Proceeds from the sale of wooden handmade Maine Guide Snowshoes help support the program.

Group offers hunting trips to veterans – by Erin Rhoda

PLEASANT RIDGE PLANTATION — On his deployment to Iraq in 2008 and 2009, Sgt. Tom Thibodeau oversaw the rescue of injured U.S. and coalition soldiers and Iraqi nationals.  On Tuesday, the 28-year-old from Holden was in a calmer environment as one of 16 veterans hunting grouse, woodcock, partridge and rabbit in the Pleasant Ridge Plantation area of Somerset County.

Sixteen additional veterans will participate in the second annual Tribute Hunt today, offered for free by the Pine Grove Program, run by Bob and Andrea Howe.

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