Got Hunting Dogs? Send Pictures!

This is Remington, owned by Marisa Murray. He is one of 8 state seized puppies that she fostered (along with mom and the entire litter at 2 weeks of age). He is now 5 years old and Marisa says "he is one of the best bird dogs we have had." Thanks Marisa for sharing.

 I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to visit the Maine Hunting & Sporting Dog Owners Facebook page yet or not (Hint! Hint! Hint!) but if you have, you would know we are looking for photographs of the various sporting breeds that are used for hunting.  Our friend Paige Davis and others responded right away and posted some great pictures.  Paige really lucked out because it is the photo of her beautiful English Setter “Eleanor” that the Bangor Daily News selected to accompany highlights of the Maine HSDO blog on another page under their Maine Living section. (Speaking of which, I still have stars in my eyes to think that we’re actually now part of the BDN blogs!!)

Anyway!  If you are a proud Maine hunter who is also a responsible dog owner that enjoys hunting with your best canine companion then head on over to our FB page and post your best photos there. (We are not looking for show photos at this point in time.)  We’re looking for those photos that show your dog turned on to the fact that it is doing exactly what it was bred to do and having a blast doing it!  As we develop this blog more fully we’ll be using more photos and I’d really like to eventually create a photo gallery here to be an ongoing visual presentation for all our readers and followers.  A gallery of Maine hunting dogs!

Several of the hunting dog breeds I am most familiar with are Vizslas, English Setters, German Shorthair Pointers, Beagles, Blue Tick Coonhounds, Redbone Coonhounds, all the Retriever breeds, English Pointers, other Pointers and Setters, and the Brittany.  That’s a very short list in comparison to the number of actual breeds that are selectively bred to be hunting dogs. 

So readers, we really could use some help from you if you enjoy hunting with your dog by way of photographs. The collection so far over on our Facebook page really is quite nice and I also have received a few via email that are not posted over there yet.  And besides, who among you do not want to share pictures of your dogs either hard at work, or with you and the result of your efforts?

We know all about the work, training, proper nutrition, exercise and good genetics that go into a fine hunting dog.  We also understand the human/animal bond that is involved to have a mutual and cooperative hunting experience with your canine companion. If you’re doing it right, your dog isn’t hunting for themselves, they are hunting – to please you! 

If you need help uploading photos to the Facebook page, just let us know.  In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful month of October!